In the dynamic world of technology, ADAPT’s Edge Events have emerged as a pivotal platform for tech vendors aiming to connect with influential industry leaders.  

These events provide tech vendors exclusive access to over 1,000 C-level executives from ASX200, top government agencies, and rapidly growing organisations, making them an invaluable resource for establishing significant connections. 

The events are exclusive, featuring participation from executive decision-makers in invitation-only gatherings.  

By engaging in presentations, 1-on-1 meetings, and intimate roundtable discussions at these Edge Events, tech vendors have a unique opportunity to foster productive relationships and establish themselves as key players in the tech industry. 

Let’s explore why tech vendors partner with ADAPT to reach decision-makers in target accounts: 


Meaningful Connections 

For AWS, the true value of ADAPT’s Edge Events lies in meeting the right people. Customised to the ANZ region, these events provided AWS with the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with pivotal industry players, facilitatingbeyond mere market insights to building impactful relationships. 


Insightful Collaborations 

Kyndryl’s engagement with ADAPT went beyond establishing long-term relationships. It was about gathering insights into business priorities and obtaining valuable feedback and suggestions firsthand. 

This partnership was instrumental in shaping Kyndryl’s approach to cloud and infrastructure services, aligning them more closely with client needs and industry trends. 


Seamless Partnership 

Both WalkMe and Oracle experienced the benefits of seamless collaboration and support from ADAPT. This partnership was key to aligning their offerings with market demands, enabling them to navigate the technology sector more effectively and establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields. 


Attracting Key Players 

Vertiv capitalised on ADAPT’s Edge Events as a platform for showcasing their thought leadership, particularly because of ADAPT’s ability to attract large, influential organisations.  

This exposure was crucial in positioning Vertiv at the forefront of the tech industry, allowing them to engage with and influence major decision-makers. 


Strategic Business Growth 

GWI leveraged ADAPT’s Edge Events not only for engagement but primarily for driving business growth. 

By connecting with key industry figures, they were able to identify and close more business opportunities, demonstrating the strategic value of these events in expanding their client base and enhancing their market presence. 


What Australia’s top technology providers have to say about ADAPT’s Edge Events: 

“We’ve actually got a pretty long history of working with ADAPT. They have a very good spread of customers and they understand who our customer base. It’s a good synergistic relationship that we’ve had for a number of years.  

We also find ADAPT quite high-end. They have access to some very large organisations which we can attract to events like this. Again, that’s really important for us.  

I mean, not only are we seen as thought leaders, but we also need thought leaders to help educate us and the Australia and New Zealand markets. Everybody says that each market has its own idiosyncrasy.  

It’s important to understand what is happening within our market as well as what they’re doing at a global level.” 

– Robert Linsdell, Former Managing Director at Vertiv 


“We’ve been partnering with ADAPT for almost two years now. We’re very mindful of our ideal customer profile and ADAPT hits our sweet spot.  

It hits the right personas we’re going after and the right company size so we understand who we’re targeting and who we are the best fit for. And ADAPT fits beautifully into that market for us.” 

– Debra Sutton, Regional Vice President Marketing, APAC at WalkMe 


“We partner with a lot of different third parties. That’s a huge part of our strategy and ADAPT is our golden star. We even say the golden standard of third-party partners, and a huge part of that is the 1-on-1 meetings that you’re able to get at the events. 

When you’re in a lean team like the both of us, you want to be able to trust your third-party vendor to support you along the way and to make sure you’re staying on track with everything and be there as a partner.” 

– Phillipa Clift, Field Marketing Manager at WalkMe 


“We get insights not only from the research part of ADAPT but also from the people coming to the event themselves.  

The main thing we wanted was to meet our target customers, which ADAPT does really well in accommodating for us.  

Being able to understand our targets and our needs, as well as understanding the delegates’ pain points, and then working with ADAPT to connect us together, is invaluable. 

– Natisa Budiartia, Industry Marketing Manager at Kyndryl 


“I’d also say we enjoy a roundtable format because we get to speak with customers, not to them, and gather insights from a robust discussion.  

The events that we take part in, where we can have ADAPT facilitate those roundtables, are really valuable for us.  

It’s also very clear in their planning leading up to the event; everything’s very well prescribed.” 

– Adam Young, Strategic Alliances and Partner Marketing at Kyndryl 


“We work with ADAPT on numerous events, and when it comes to engaging finance executives, we knew that working in an event such as CFO Edge would enable us to get in front of top finance executives from some of the top enterprise accounts across Australia and New Zealand.  

It allows our sales and account teams to have the right conversations with the right people, often with stakeholders they’ve struggled to get in front of in the past.  

An event like CFO Edge opens those doors and gives us those opportunities to have these conversations that previously wouldn’t have been possible.” 

– Hugh Bowen, Head of Enterprise Marketing, ANZ at Amazon Web Services 


“Through every event we’ve participated in, we’ve been in a position to uncover new business opportunities and close business as a result of our participation in the ADAPT Edge events.  

One thing that surprises me when working with them and their Events team and clients is the number of regular clients and delegates we see.  

It’s obvious that there’s a very broad ecosystem and people are thrilled to be part of that.” 

– Mike Lafford, NSW State Director at GWI 


“When you look at choosing a vendor, a partner, you consider the quality of the experience, not just on the day, but in the lead-up to the event, which is critical for us.  

In an organisation where we have a lean team, it’s great to have that support and to know that we can count on our partner. And I think that our partnership with ADAPT has been very successful.  

Since we are able to be in front of the right audience, engage with C-level executives, and share great content and insights, we can position the value proposition of our organisation and demonstrate how technology can really help solve some of the problems that everybody is encountering.” 

– Angela Mooney, Senior Marketing Manager, Applications ANZ at Oracle


ADAPT’s Edge events brings together leaders from the ANZ region’s top enterprise and government organisations, collectively representing 52% of Australia’s GDP and 2,400,000+ workforce. 

Discover our Edge events calendar and partnership opportunities. 

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