Kyndryl, a global IT services company spun off from IBM, has chosen to partner with ADAPT for Edge events in Australia.

ADAPT’s Connected Cloud & DC Edge conference series is considered the premier in-person event for heads of cloud and infrastructure driving enterprise-wide modernisation in Australia.

One of the reasons Kyndryl chose to partner with ADAPT is the opportunity for 1:1 meetings with senior decision-makers.

ADAPT can intelligently match Kyndryl with on-site delegates based on their investment priorities, Kyndryl’s solutions capabilities, and target accounts.

Adam Young, Kyndryl’s Strategic Alliances and Partner Marketing, explains that means that Kyndryl can have fewer but better conversations with potential clients, which is a more efficient use of their time.

Another reason Kyndryl chose to partner with ADAPT is the exclusive delegation profile insights that ADAPT provides.

Kyndryl receives a breakdown of the delegation’s top strategic focuses and investment priorities, which helps Kyndryl to tailor their on-site and post-event engagement with potential clients.

Kyndryl’s Industry Marketing Manager, Natisa Budiartia, shares how she values the opportunity to showcase Kyndryl’s expertise during interactive roundtable discussions.

These formats allow Kyndryl to have robust discussions with customers, rather than just speaking to them. They can gather insights and feedback from these discussions, which can inform their future strategies and offerings.

In addition to these benefits, Kyndryl also appreciates the level of engagement they have with the ADAPT team. The planning leading up to the event is very well-prescribed, and the deadlines are clear.

On-site setup is also made easy with ADAPT’s help. Kyndryl has had a great experience working with the ADAPT team, who communicate effectively and run everything smoothly.

Kyndryl has chosen to partner with ADAPT for Edge events in Australia because of the opportunity to connect with senior decision-makers in a more efficient way, access exclusive delegation profile insights, and showcase their expertise in a meaningful way.

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