Attending the Edge events by ADAPT is a popular choice for executives in Australia to learn global and local best practices in leading organisational growth and connect with peers.

Leaders from Victoria Police, Bolton Clarke, Kohmatsu, Deakin University, and more share why they keep coming back.

These events bring together senior executives, providing opportunities to engage with each other and learn about the latest technology trends and advancements. The high-quality content, vendor interactions, and chance to network with industry leaders make the events valuable.

C-level executives attend these events to stay informed on emerging technologies like AI, responsible AI, and the responsible metaverse.

ADAPT’s Edge events provide a platform for education and practical ways to incorporate these technologies into businesses.

The roundtable discussions at the events also offer CIOs the chance to connect with peers and learn from their experiences. This shared knowledge and connection with other CIOs help improve leadership skills.

ADAPT’s collaborations with industry leaders and organisations are another draw for CIOs attending the Edge events.

These collaborations provide valuable insights and help CIOs understand their own business journeys. By empowering leaders, ADAPT drives organisations’ missions.

ADAPT’s Edge Events are appreciated by CIOs for the quality content, learning and networking opportunities, and chance to connect with industry leaders. They provide a valuable platform for staying ahead in the fast-paced world of technology.

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