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Everything we do at ADAPT is dedicated to serving the local community of enterprise executives and technology vendors across Australia and New Zealand.
Our research, events and frameworks are fuelled by data sourced directly from the region’s executive community – providing an unrivalled depth of insight into the needs of the local market. More About Us

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“The reason we chose ADAPT was a simple no brainer: domestic content. It’s a platform hosted in Australia, with all the data developed from Australian sources.”

Department of Defence

“The 1:1 meetings and informal interactions are enlightening and open. The calibre of attendees are excellent and the atmosphere is fantastic at every level.”


“ADAPT helps narrow down the options, gets rid of the noise and focus on what is needed next.”


“It’s a great opportunity to engage with experts who are doing the work and facing practical challenges.”


“ADAPT have done a fantastic job in bringing together like-minded professionals who share the same SAP ambitions.”


“ADAPT’s data hits the nail on the head when it comes to local market and industry insights. Through their C-level surveys and local analyst function, ADAPT have made the offering far more compelling than alternatives in the market.”

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Review Australian organisations' cyber security progress, cloud & generative AI adoption, and Government IT support.

Market Trends Inside the Australian Market: Generative AI, Cyber Security, Cloud Migration, and Government Support Read More

By 2025, ADAPT forecasts that 55% of workloads for Australian organisations will be hosted on public clouds — bringing testament to the massive demand for public clouds for local companies.

Market Trends 55% of Australian Organisations’ Workloads in Public Cloud by 2025 Read More

Learn how to unlock productivity & team engagement with proven strategies. Attract, retain & cultivate your dream team for success.

Edge Insights Boosting Productivity and Engagement: Strategies to Attract, Retain, and Develop Your Team Read More

We reveal insights into the opportunities technology leaders need to grasp to stay ahead in the present macroeconomic conditions.

Analyst Briefings Inflation’s Impact on IT Strategy Read More

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