“Becoming Data driven” has been a top 3 organisational goal for Australian enterprise and government for the last 4 years. But, at ADAPT Data Edge ’22 only 41% of the community were confident about delivering to their organisation’s data needs.

Meanwhile, we continue to accelerate to digital and data deluge.

Rather than a singular focus on the CIO, vendors now paying attention to the Chief Data Officer and emerging Head of Data are seeing dividends – as they expand their influence into key data decisions around protection, access, architecture and analytics.

Data excellence will be one of the most important competitive differentiators in this decade.

Conversely, ineffective data strategies will be one of the biggest barriers to automation, innovation, efficiencies – and ultimately revenues and growth.

Because of this, most leading organisations now have a new player ascended in this role – with ownership, budgets and influence. ADAPT have been hosting them across events for the last 3 years.

Their challenges are numerous – how to ensure their organisation’s information management and data strategies are fit-for-purpose, not just for 2023 – but for the chaos and speed of the decade ahead?

Data Excellence dreams of data democracy, quality inputs integrated sharing, self-service access – all automated with continual compliance, secure protection and managed lifecycles.

Real time dashboards deliver the information your team need, before they know they need it – enabling evidence-based decisions, growth, and innovations from emerging tech, ML, AI. The data literate leadership and workforce collaborate and share to maximise value.

But too often, the Australian reality is a lack of consistent data policy, quality and culture, across a sprawl of legacy system architectures and disconnected, disparate environments.

The volume, velocity, variety and visibility of data is compounded by conflicting business priorities, a lack of skills and data literacy. People waste huge time and resources trying to find, connect and make sense of things.

Can Australian organisations execute on a mature data strategy and value in 2023, or will we fall further behind?

To help Australia thrive – ADAPT Data Edge 2023 at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency on 25 May, will gather Australia’s Data protagonists for a powerful day to connect, inform and equip them in their role.

Our theme for debate centres on Data Excellence: Culture, Compliance and Connectivity.

Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data, Analytics, IT and Architecture will attend. Each are qualified and sourced based on their seniority, reporting line, and plans to invest to ensure sustainable change and competitive data advantage.

Your solutions and services are vital to several of these new decision makers – But do they know your brand, or your capabilities? Will they recommend your product? Do they have any relationship with your local executive leaders?

Get in touch for ADAPT to help put that right.