In the dynamic world of business technology, strategic partnerships play a crucial role in reaching target audiences and fostering growth.

WalkMe, a leading digital adoption platform, has found an invaluable partner in ADAPT’s Edge Events.

With a focus on catering to WalkMe’s ideal customer profile and providing unparalleled networking opportunities, the collaboration between WalkMe and ADAPT has proven to be a golden standard among third-party partnerships.

In this article, we explore the testimonial from Phillipa Clift, WalkMe’s Field Marketing Manager, APAC, and Debra Sutton, WalkMe’s Regional Vice President Marketing, APAC, highlighting the benefits and unique experiences brought forth by this powerful alliance.


A Perfect Fit for Ideal Customer Profile

One of the primary reasons WalkMe chose to collaborate with ADAPT is the alignment of ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

WalkMe is deeply invested in understanding and targeting the right personas within organisations, and ADAPT’s events excel in connecting WalkMe with the ideal audience.

“ADAPT is definitely our golden star. They are the golden standard of third-party partners.”

The events curated by ADAPT have consistently attracted the right company size and decision-makers, enabling WalkMe to maximise its outreach efforts effectively.


Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

WalkMe places great importance on one-on-one interactions with potential customers, and this is where ADAPT truly shines.

The partnership with ADAPT allows WalkMe’s sales team to connect with individuals who may have been challenging to reach through other channels.

The significance of these 30-minute meetings cannot be overstated, as they provide a platform for fruitful discussions and relationship-building.

WalkMe’s team has experienced the value of such meetings, with instances of successfully connecting with prospects who had previously proven elusive.


How ADAPT Sets Themselves Apart

ADAPT stands out among third-party vendors by offering a distinct and valuable experience.

WalkMe appreciates the meeting centre approach adopted by ADAPT, which allows for efficient and productive engagements.

“Having the right people for our sales team to connect with is super valuable. It’s a proper meeting to sit down and discuss in a relaxed setting.”

The availability of dedicated one-on-one meetings with targeted individuals in a relaxed setting contributes to the success of WalkMe’s sales efforts.

This unique offering sets ADAPT apart from other strategic partnerships that WalkMe engages in, ultimately leading to exceptional results and a desire to continue working together.


Seamless Collaboration and Support

Working with ADAPT has been a seamless and rewarding experience for WalkMe. The partnership extends beyond event participation, with ADAPT providing ongoing support throughout the year.

As a lean team, WalkMe places immense value on a trusted third-party vendor that consistently supports their objectives and ensures they stay on track.

“It’s seamless working with ADAPT. They definitely go above and over and above. It’s noticed and greatly appreciated.”

ADAPT has proven to be that reliable partner, going above and beyond to create a positive experience for WalkMe.

From meticulously setting up event spaces to anticipating needs and delivering exceptional service, ADAPT has demonstrated its commitment to excellence.



By aligning their ideal customer profiles and offering unparalleled networking opportunities, WalkMe and ADAPT have forged a partnership that delivers remarkable results.

WalkMe’s testimonial highlights the unique experiences provided by ADAPT, including targeted one-on-one meetings and a seamless collaboration process.

As WalkMe continues to grow and expand its reach, the partnership with ADAPT will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in achieving their goals.

Debra Sutton Regional Vice President Marketing, APAC at WalkMe
An entrepreneurial spirit with an ownership mindset, I am an innovative and creative senior executive with a proven track record of achievement... More

An entrepreneurial spirit with an ownership mindset, I am an innovative and creative senior executive with a proven track record of achievement with leading technology brands; Adobe, HP, Oracle and ServiceNow. I thrive on engaging audiences through storytelling and connected, emotive experiences that drive demand, brand awareness, loyalty and build and strengthen business relationships.

Phillipa Clift Field Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific at WalkMe
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