At ADAPT, we highly value the partnership we have fostered, recognising these collaborations’ pivotal role in elevating Australia’s tech landscape.

In this article, we dive deep into the testimonial of Mike Lafford, NSW State Director at GWI, underscoring the advantages and distinct experiences resulting from this strategic collaboration.


With the ever-evolving tech sector, GWI recognises the essence of identifying and nurturing strategic partnerships for enhancing visibility and catalysing innovation.

In ADAPT’s Edge Events, GWI, a nationally renowned consumer insights platform, has found an invaluable collaborator.


National Synergy and Alignment

A shared national presence drove GWI’s decision to partner with ADAPT.

“The first one really is to drive greater brand exposure for our brand here in New South Wales. GWI is a nationally based firm, and ADAPT has a national client base as well. So there’s a great alignment there.”

Furthermore, ADAPT’s technology research ensures GWI’s offerings stay relevant in the current market landscape.

“As a result of ADAPT’s technology research coverage covering the key trends, this ensures that our services are relevant in today’s market for the buyers.”


Targeting the Right Audience

Efficiency is the cornerstone of the GWI-ADAPT alliance. The partnership is laser-focused on streamlining the sales process by connecting GWI with the right decision-makers.

“The key priorities when partnering with ADAPT would be finding qualified buyers. Our priorities are looking at ways to expedite the sales cycle.”

Participating in ADAPT Edge events has enabled GWI to consistently tap into fresh business prospects.

“Through every event we’ve participated in, we’ve been able to uncover new business opportunities and close business as a result.”


Diverse Partnerships for Broader Reach

While GWI has partnerships with various event organisations, their collaboration with ADAPT has yielded more targeted conversations and leads.

“We partner with other event organisations as well. Typically, this is more focused on different vertical sectors. So, for example, we partner regularly with organisations that cover federal and state government markets as well.”

ADAPT’s recurring clientele indicates a vast and engaged ecosystem.

“One of the things that surprises me when working with ADAPT and the events team and the clients is the number of regular clients and delegates that we see. So it’s obvious that there’s a very broad ecosystem, and people are thrilled to be part of that.”



GWI and ADAPT’s partnership has produced impressive outcomes. Mike Lafford’s testimonial highlights the unique opportunities ADAPT presents, from uncovering new business avenues to fostering lasting industry relationships.

Mike Lafford NSW State Director at GWI
Mike Lafford heads up the GWI NSW operations and manages a national team of consultants , he is a highly experienced senior... More

Mike Lafford heads up the GWI NSW operations and manages a national team of consultants , he is a highly experienced senior business manager with over 25 years of IT experience, including delivering strategic advisory services to C-level executives and supporting business strategy and major technology initiatives.

Mike has over 25 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region working across state and federal government, transport and financial services. Previous experience includes consulting and technology research covering digital transformation, Strategy , business and technology cost optimisation, IT sourcing and procurement, IT benchmarking, metrics and general Data centre operations. Mike has also managed large domestic and International cross-functional teams in the professional services sector.

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