12 Core Competencies

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Tech leaders need soft skills: 3 years and 30,000 conversations have been distilled to ADAPT’s 12 Core Competencies. These will underpin ADAPT Research & Advisory in 2020.

As we finally arrive at 2020, reports from global experts prove that Australia’s future prosperity is at risk if we don’t take bold action. To avoid a consistent decline we can boost productivity and efficiency through the applied use of modern IT.

But we must resource and empower our technology executives.”

To help with this, ADAPT identified the 12 core competencies for success. These are distilled from 30,000 conversations spanned over 3 years, deep analysis of local drivers, barriers and challenges. Companies who have adapted new ways of operating through technology and real transformation are already reaping operational, financial and cultural benefits as they accelerate. ADAPT’s 12 core competencies codify their patterns for success to help CIOs lead and secure an efficient, automated and data driven business to drive clear value to the organisation. Now depending on the internal brand of digital NIT, many of our region’s technology leaders have a pretty tough and lonely role.

ADAPT’s mission is to equip them with the business skills they need to deliver in their role, to improve the perception of IT, and to secure a seat at the table.”

If we have more technologist on the board, Australia and New Zealand will see greater progress. ADAPT’s advisory programmes combine local research and fact-based insights, community content from thousands of peers, interviews and use cases to give executives the advice and the business skills they need.

The 12 core competencies will help digital and IT leaders move from reactive service delivery to become a strategic partner to the C-suite and the board. Please contact us for our research and advisory services help us improve your strategic IT and business decisions. ADAPT can give you the edge you need.

Watch the full videos on the 12 Core Competencies and our 2020 Theme below.

12 Core Competencies
ADAPT 2020 Theme