International Women’s Day gives us the perfect moment to celebrate the women who are not just participants but pioneers in the technology sector.

ADAPT takes pride in sharing the stories of such remarkable individuals, and Claudine Ogilvie’s trajectory from traditional corporate roles to pioneering her tech venture is nothing short of inspiring.

And with this year’s theme about #InspireInclusion, Claudine’s story perfectly captures what it means to break barriers and make the tech industry more welcoming for everyone.

The conversation between Pooja Singh and Claudine Ogilvie offers an insightful look at Ogilvie’s shift from a Chief Information Officer to an entrepreneur.

Claudine has a background in technology strategy and digital transformation, including roles at Jetstar Ridley Group.

Her move to entrepreneurship is highlighted by her establishment of HivePix, a data connection and orchestration platform, alongside her technology strategy services firm, Ogilvie and Consulting.

Claudine’s enthusiasm for AI, quantum computing, and data science, underscored by her participation in educational programs at Stanford and MIT, shows her dedication to the forefront of technology.

Her transition from business and marketing roles into the tech sphere underscores the importance of technology as a key element of strategic differentiation and disruption.

This story emphasises the growing technical demands of executive roles and Claudine’s unique journey, becoming more technical over time, opposite to the usual path of starting in technical roles and moving away from them.

The discussion touches on the underrepresentation of women in tech, with Claudine pointing out the diverse roles available and the significance of visibility for women in the sector.

She draws attention to statistics showing the distribution of women in tech across various roles and highlights the potential of emerging fields like quantum computing to balance gender participation.

Furthermore, Claudine discusses the importance of empathy and ethics in AI, suggesting that these qualities, often associated with women, are crucial in technology development.

She also identifies key technology trends, including the prominence of AI and its impact on data quality and governance, cybersecurity, and the future potential of quantum computing.

Claudine advocates for a holistic skill set that includes technical knowledge and strategic understanding, encouraging women to deeply engage with technology trends.

The conversation further explores the challenges of achieving gender diversity in tech, emphasising the need for comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs, the importance of mentorship and sponsorship, and the role of structural and cultural norms in promoting gender equality.

Her insights into the Australian tech industry’s readiness to embrace a diverse and inclusive workforce underscore the necessity for strategic, well-resourced efforts to enhance gender diversity.

Claudine Ogilvie’s dialogue with Pooja Singh provides valuable insights into the evolution of technology leadership, the critical role of women in tech, and the strategies necessary to foster a more inclusive and diverse technological landscape.

Her journey exemplifies the dynamic nature of tech careers and the opportunities for innovation and leadership.

Meanwhile, her role in advocating for women in tech reminds us of the importance of leadership in driving change.

Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring technologists and a call to action for the industry to continue working towards a more inclusive and diverse future.


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Pooja Singh Senior Research Analyst & Strategic Research
Pooja is an expert in technology research and advisory, with a focus on areas such as AI, ML, Cloud, and the business... More

Pooja is an expert in technology research and advisory, with a focus on areas such as AI, ML, Cloud, and the business value of Emerging Technologies across different sectors, such as in Healthcare. In her role Pooja offer insights and helps C-Level end user clients and their strategic partners to meet their mission critical priorities.

Pooja supports these persona in her written research and offering insights on best practices, case studies, market trends, and can advise about strategic sourcing decisions. Pooja is familiar with technology markets worldwide, with a specific focus on the Australian and South Korean markets.


Claudine Ogilvie NED Youi Insurance, APAC Director Digital and Innovation Compass Group (former CIO Jetstar)
Claudine Ogilvie is the Chief Information Officer for Jetstar and Non Executive Director with Youi Insurance. She has a deep understanding of... More

Claudine Ogilvie is the Chief Information Officer for Jetstar and Non Executive Director with Youi Insurance. She has a deep understanding of strategy, risk, technology and innovation; and expertise in governance, transformation, marketing and Asia markets. Prior to Jetstar Claudine was CIO for Ridley Corporation; she managed KPMG’s Consumer and Industrial Markets business. She also held product management, sales operations and marketing roles for International SOS (Australia, NZ, PNG and Pacific Islands), British Petroleum (BP Australia) and Unipath (France).

Claudine is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD). Claudine is an alumni of the Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders Program Kuala Lumpur, and an Asialink Leaders Program alumni (Melbourne University). She has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia (B.Bus) and a Diploma of Business Management from the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce Reims, France (Dip.Mgnt).

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