In a recent interview, Jenny Saliba, the Chief Financial Officer for Wealth and Capital Markets at Australian Unity, shared her unique perspective working in a sector that’s primarily influenced by broader economic factors such as macroeconomic drivers, interest rates, inflation, and supply constraints, to name a few.

Unlike her peers in other sectors of Australian Unity, like aged care or home services, which are largely government-funded, Jenny operates in a more complex environment due to these factors.

Jenny expressed concern about various economic challenges, particularly inflation and skill shortages. She pondered on how these issues could impact productivity and engagement among employees.

For instance, inflation reduces disposable income, affecting employee motivation and productivity, citing the burnout employees felt at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as an example.

These challenges are compounded by the current hybrid working arrangements, making it harder to maintain culture and engagement, which are crucial for productivity.

Jenny also highlighted the concept of resilience, not just on the technological front but also among the workforce. Resiliency among employees is crucial to handling unexpected challenges, which have become a norm in today’s business landscape.

Discussing technology, Jenny acknowledged that while her sector had invested in tech solutions, not all past projects met their expectations, leading to a more careful approach towards new tech projects. Despite the setbacks, she underscored the importance of technology in boosting productivity.

However, she also noted that a more rigorous due diligence process is now in place to ensure the success of future tech endeavours, aiming to get the most value out of these investments.

The conversation also delved into the topic of value creation. Jenny felt a strong need to focus more on growing the top line in a way that adds real value to the company. She emphasised the importance of having a balanced focus on both short-term goals and long-term visions.

This balance, she believes, is crucial for effective strategy implementation and achieving real growth.

Jenny Saliba will join ADAPT’s CFO Edge panel to delve into the CFO’s role in enhancing productivity, modernising operations, and fostering transformation.

Peter Hind Principal Research Analyst
Peter Hind has spent the last 25 years as an analyst and commentator on the ICT industry. He says his primary areas... More

Peter Hind has spent the last 25 years as an analyst and commentator on the ICT industry. He says his primary areas of interest are the potential of technology to transform the way organisations operate, the change management obstacles executives encounter in realising this potential and the tactics and techniques leaders have deployed to overcome these difficulties.

Peter now takes on multiple roles within ADAPT including the moderation of private events and roundtables, interviewing business executives about the strategies they are pursuing and assisting with the structuring of our delegate surveys and the interrogation and analysis of ADAPT’s treasure trove of end-user and C-level data

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