Anthone Withers, Chief Revenue Officer at Closed AI, shares how partnering with ADAPT has boosted their market positioning and business growth.  

ADAPT powers go-to-market strategies with unrivalled ANZ market intelligence.    

Across an annual program of industry conferences and bespoke private events, ADAPT brings together over 2,000 of the region’s most influential executive leaders from the ASX200. 

We collect over 21,500 unique data points from local C-level executives via comprehensive surveys, custom research projects and industry events.  

Learn more about our services for technology vendors and how to be an ADAPT Edge event partner. 


Leveraging ADAPT’s Expertise for Market Positioning 

Anthone deep dived into the critical role ADAPT’s research and events play in shaping their market strategy.  

“I’m an advocate of ADAPT’s research, which I use to help validate my go-to-market and positioning strategies.”

This collaboration has been instrumental in refining Closed AI’s approach to different executive levels, providing a structured way to align their solutions with market needs. 


Strategic Meetings and Executive Engagements 

Closed AI’s engagement with ADAPT extends to comprehensive event packages, including bespoke roundtable discussions and guaranteed one-on-one meetings.  

“We were fortunate enough to sponsor a roundtable, which was oversubscribed, and have 16 one-on-one meetings booked,” says Anthone.  

The meticulous planning and targeted invitations weeks before the event ensure that these meetings yield substantial leads and opportunities.  

“The leads and the questions we’re getting are incredible, and the opportunities have exceeded our expectations.” 


Building a Robust Opportunity Pipeline 

The structured format of ADAPT’s events facilitates meaningful interactions with key decision-makers, fast-tracking introductions and fostering significant business opportunities.  

“We expect to walk out of here with 40 opportunities, with at least 25 being qualified,” Anthone reveals.  

This high conversion rate is a testament to the effectiveness of ADAPT’s model in connecting vendors with the right executives. 


Driving Success through ADAPT’s Tools 

Anthone emphasises the importance of leveraging ADAPT’s tools and following their process to achieve desired outcomes.  

“You need to listen to what they say and drive the process. If you do that and use the app here on the day, you will get the outcome you’ve invested in.” 

The successful engagement at the event is a direct result of adhering to this strategy, demonstrating the tangible benefits of a well-coordinated approach. 

Anthone Withers Chief Revenue Officer at Closed AI
Anthone Withers is the Chief Revenue Officer at Closed Ai. With more than two decades of experience driving digital transformation initiatives for... More

Anthone Withers is the Chief Revenue Officer at Closed Ai. With more than two decades of experience driving digital transformation initiatives for industry giants, he has a proven track record of leveraging emerging technologies to transform businesses and boost productivity.Ant’s unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on technical expertise positions him to recognise opportunities and maximise their potential. His leadership style aligns capabilities with a compelling vision, enabling him to disrupt industries and deliver step-change growth. Whether building global practices from the ground up or guiding startups through rapid scaling, Withers is a proven leader who not only leverages technology but also illuminates its strategic potential to transform businesses.

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