Instead of talking about the future of work, we should discuss ‘modern work’.

Focus on aligning values rather than looking for a cultural fit in order to facilitate collaboration. Employee onboarding can be tightened and escalated at scale using the Build, Measure, Learn loop.

During his presentation at People Edge 2022, Dom Price, Chief Futurist at Atlassian, discusses the importance of retiring organisational charts and replacing them with aligned values.

We can remove friction from tasks through cross-functional team collaboration by unlearning the way it’s always been done.

Setting appropriate boundaries as a leader facilitates meaningful work without contributing to burnout. Lead by example and reflect regularly on your role.


Key Takeaways:

  • Retire organisational charts: It’s not about cultural fit, it’s about values. Values are an integral part of employee experience. Are you going to challenge the way we work? Are you going to speak up? Are you going to add to our teams? Are you better than the average?
  • The flow of work: In a distributed workforce If you want employees to have a good experience and to be engaged, make the work they do easy. Not in terms of simplicity but take away the friction that adds to that work. Embed cross-functional collaboration and cross-team collaboration.
  • Leaders Learn to Learn: prepare for the future skills that will be required and learn how to unlearn habits and rituals from the past that don’t work anymore. Unlearning is the secret to success. It removes old systems and allows for new cognitive pathways to learning.
Dom Price Work Futurist at Atlassian
Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, as the Work Futurist and in house “Team Doctor”, designing collaborative patterns which are easily... More

Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, as the Work Futurist and in house “Team Doctor”, designing collaborative patterns which are easily adaptable for any purpose. What sets Dom apart is his ability to inspire people to transform their working lives, and with it, their futures.

This person-centred approach has established him as a thought leader, at the forefront of the zeitgeist that is life at work in the years ahead.

His experience in global strategic positions across the fields of technology, finance and gaming, as well as extensive travel throughout over fifty countries, has informed a unique perspective on the future of work. One which values interconnectedness, but never forgets the individual at the core of even the largest scale operation.

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