You must take action with imperfect data.”


Keynote Focus

Today’s leaders overseeing digital transformation and execution must above all manage the resource allocation process across the three areas of digital transformation. Learn from Innosight’s Pontus Siren on how to execute on digitising core processes, external stakeholder interfaces, and creating digital platforms at ADAPT’s Digital Edge.

This also relates to one of ADAPT’s 12 Core Competencies, Enable Innovation and Transformation, which discusses this topic at length.


Key Findings

Gather your bearings

Engage in respectful candour amongst your internal stakeholders to define business outcomes and drive technology solutions. Empathise with your peers whilst communicating your message. You must deeply understand who your customer is, what is the job, and what is the selection criteria.

Internal and external stakeholders

Perform a robust analysis of the gaps in the market, your competitors, and your unique capabilities. This situational analysis will give you a competitive advantage. Spend long periods of time aligning your internal stakeholders with your vision. Use a common language to avoid misalignment when uniting your senior leadership team.

Disrupt yourself

Innovate close to your core, picking one or two processes to put a critical mass of resources again. This action is reserved for businesses at risk of disruption. Rely on technology-based solutions to solve legacy infrastructure, system, and process flaws.

Key advice

  • Act with speed before all the data is in to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Moving earlier than your competitors is more important than getting every action right.
  • Use a common language to unite your senior leadership team.

This is part of Pontus Siren’s keynote he delivered at CIO Edge. Only ADAPT Research and Advisory clients can access the full video, become one today.

Pontus Siren Partner at Innosight
Pontus is an Innosight Partner who has been based in the Singapore office for 8 years. During his tenure, he has worked across the... More

Pontus is an Innosight Partner who has been based in the Singapore office for 8 years. During his tenure, he has worked across the region and has helped clients such as Johnson & Johnson, the Ayala Group, Caltex, Singtel, Manila Water and SCG address the challenges of innovation and new growth. He has worked extensively on innovation growth strategies and capabilities and regularly advises senior managers on these topics.  He has worked across a range of markets, particularly in India, Singapore, Australia, China, the Philippines, UK, Turkey and Thailand. Pontus speaks and writes regularly on the topic of innovation, and he is the co-author of the Harvard Business Review article “Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days” published in 2014 and the MIT Sloan Management Review article “The Next Wave of Business Models in Asia” published in 2016. Pontus has a keen interested in digital transformation and disruption and their impact on businesses across the world.

Prior to joining Innosight, Pontus was the CEO of a biotech company that was founded together with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. He has published numerous articles on cancer cachexia and sudden infant death syndrome in journals such as The British Journal of Cancer, Experimental Cell Research and Frontier in Neurology. He is also a co-author on a patent on the treatment of cancer cachexia. Before his biotech career Pontus worked for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Hamburg. During his five-year career at BCG, he worked across multiple industries including industrial and consumer goods, healthcare, logistics, banking, and retail.

Pontus has a MBA (honors) from the Helsinki School of Economics, MPhil (honors) from Cambridge University in International Relations, MPhil (honors) from Glasgow University in Russian and East European Studies and a BA in History from Hamilton college.

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