Panel Discussion: How Top Infrastructure Leaders Are Delivering Resilience and Agility Across Distributed Organisations

Transform Collaboration 2 min

Since the pandemic, there is a new reliance on IT for workforce interaction, business continuity and data resilience.  

Organisations locally and across the globe have seen an unprecedented expansion of IT and cloud capacity to provide service delivery at speed. 

Recent ADAPT research reveals a 50% growth in cloud services as organisational infrastructure continues to flexdelivering agility through hybrid infrastructure for on-demand scalability. 

The challenges that lie ahead for infrastructure leaders are new architecture considerations for a remote-first policy and balancing the optimisation and modernisation of existing technology investments.  

In this session, ADAPT’s Senior Research Strategist, Aparna Sundararajan, leads a panel discussion with global and local infrastructure executives from Affinidi Group, National Australia Bank, Domain Group, and Service NSW as they discuss strategies for architecting an interconnected and agile digital infrastructure.


Key Takeaways:

  • Annually, 37 billion records containing private identities and records are leaked, with an expected 140% year-on-year increase 
  • Architecture and networking need to start with a security operations perspective 
  • TCO is an invalid metric because server replacements cannot be compared; the availability of new services is most important when migrating to the cloud
  • Estimating the cost of technology has proven to be inconsistent; instead, organisations should compare expended costs in a time frame and compare to peers
  • Invest in emerging technologies to appeal to talented new recruits, as well as your deployment times and risk profiles