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As we meet a new decade, experts agree that Australia’s prosperity is at risk if we don’t take bold action.

In 2019, ADAPT has validated this through thousands of interviews with local executives responsible for over half of our GDP, and millions of staff.

Despite decades of economic growth, many are struggling in today’s intensely competitive and unpredictable environment. Productivity is too low, and resources are restricted.

We have the capital, talent and history of innovation, but complacency, risk aversion, and cut costs have driven a consistent decline.

Good news is that we have the resources to reverse this, to boost productivity and efficiency through the applied use of modern IT and advancing business skills.

To give the leaders of our regional organisations the competencies they need, the theme of “Empowering Execution” will underpin ADAPT’s 2020 Edge events, and Research and Advisory services.

Below we reveal exactly what this means and what must be done.

ADAPT 2020 Theme

Jim Berry - Founder & CEO
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The 12 Core Competencies for Success

Jim Berry details CIO Edge February 19-20: “The 12 Core Competencies for Success”

Interconnectivity, Resilience and the Hybrid Future

Revealing Connected Cloud & DC Edge 2020, March 10-12 theme: ‘Interconnectivity, Resilience and the Hybrid Cloud.

12 Core Competencies

Tech leaders need soft skills: 3 years and 30,000 conversations have been distilled to ADAPT’s 12 Core Competencies. These will underpin ADAPT Research & Advisory in 2020.

ADAPT Analyst Conversation

Having hosted 3,000 business and tech leaders we have unique insights. ADAPT Analysts review 2019 findings and local 2020 expectations for Australia & New Zealand under the theme of “Empowering Execution”.


2020 Edge Events

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