Tamara Scicluna

Executive Director and Co founder at Rhizome Advisory Group

Tamara’s work with clients is driven by a passion to provide insight, objectivity and evidence as a platform for driving change in the way people and organisations manage risk. She works closely with executive teams across the financial sector on issues related to risk, culture, strategy and people with a focus on crystallising how people work in practice and what this means for firm-wide risks. Core to this is providing actionable advice and synthesising the relationship between complex issues to provide clarity.

Tamara is a highly-skilled specialist with a unique blend of regulatory and practical perspectives affecting risk management and outcomes. Prior to Rhizome, she spent 15 years with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority in roles spanning supervision, policy, strategy and risk advisory across banking, insurance, superannuation and wealth management. Tamara has also worked with international regulators and thought-leaders to regularly exchange ideas and approaches to supervising and assessing culture in global financial institutions.