Steve Dillon

Head of APAC Architecture at Ping Identity

Steve Dillon is an identity security expert who has worked with many of Australia’s leading public and private sector businesses during the past 15 years to support their cyber resilience and effective posture against an ever increasing array of threat vectors.

As Head of APAC Architecture for Ping Identity, Steve is responsible for working with

organisations to underpin their security infrastructure in support of issues ranging from CDR compliance and achieving Zero Trust to providing personalised, streamlined user experiences that allow customers and employees to access critical applications anytime, anywhere. Curious and creative, he is a trailblazer in enabling organisations to support complex security requirements while providing the seamless user experience required of businesses today.

Steve previously worked at Telstra for more than three years in several roles including as Product Owner – Enterprise Identity where he provided foundational IAM capability underpinning the T22 digitisation program. Prior, he was a Managing Consultant at O2 Networks during. Both these organisations armed Steve with a winning combination of critical technical and business skills which today are key in achieving customer success right from the start in any identity security program.