Wijay Wijayakumaran

Chief Architect, Machine Learning & AI at IBM Australia

Wijay Wijayakumaran is the Chief Architect of IBM Systems Australia and New Zealand, responsible for leading teams on complex solutions and emerging technologies. In this role, he helps clients explore AI adoption and bring to life AI solutions using IBM and open source technologies. Prior to this, Wijay led IBM Systems’ strategic initiatives (cloud, big data & cognitive) growth across Asia Pacific and the Systems Integrator mission for IBM Systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2001, Wijay has led the formulation and delivery of several transformation projects for IBM clients including NAB, CBA, DHS, Telstra, Nestle, ING, ANZ Bank, Queensland Transport and Westpac. His 25+ year technology career spans multiple organisations, teams and geographies in engineering, development, integration, project management, consulting, architecture and management roles. His experience and interests are in AI, healthcare, cloud, IoT, automation, open technologies, embedded systems, instrumentation, electronics, audio systems and emerging technologies.

Wijay’s formal education was in electronics, mathematics and business. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology ( and an IBM Senior Certified Architect.