We live in a world where we’re trying to become a great customer service company. Customers don’t care about our internal divisions, they care about the outcome. To deliver our service promise, we have to work together.” Enterprise Transformation in Action: Learned Experience from the Journey Ahead, Digital Edge 2019

Vincent Pierce

GM at Westpac NEXT

Vince moved to Australia and joined the Westpac Group in August 2016 as the General Manager of Westpac Next, the team driving the design and delivery of Westpac Group’s Service Revolution Transformation.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, Gary Thursby, Vince leads a team of 80+ employees who collaborate and partner with Westpac’s business units to shape the way business innovates, transforms and operates to remain relevant, competitive and the brand of choice for Westpac’s 14+ million customers.

He brings over 25 years of experience and expertise successfully
working with companies from starts-ups to global enterprises. His passion lies in his committment to re-engineer their approach to incorporating customer experience at the heart of all product strategy, service delivery, and business operations. This proven formula has driven significant and sustained profitable growth and shareholder value for companies who have found themselves in increasingly competitive and complex digital landscapes.

Vince has a passion for the end-to-end customer journey approach of transformation driven by the many internal and external customer experiences that take place across a company on any given day. He is recognised for helping teams from the shop floor to the top floor to understand, embrace and apply the principles and practices of Design, Lean, Agile, and Innovation, enabling and empowering teams to shape and reinforce a culture of iterative development and continuous learning and operational excellence that consistently delivers breakthrough outcomes.

Before joining the Westpac Group, Vince held a variety of senior leadership roles including Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for leading tax services firm Ryan and Senior Vice President for Global Business Transformation at Office Depot. His longest tenure was with consultancy Accenture where he rose from Manager to Partner in the Business Process Outsourcing division, ultimately responsible for a diverse portfolio of engagements across the financial services, consumer products, technology, utilities and government sectors.

Vince holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Organizational Management from Cabrini University in Pennsylvania and an Associate of Science (A.S.) Field Of Study Industrial Engineering from Delaware Tech.