Vicky Skipp

Head of Asia Pacific and Japan at Workplace from Facebook

Based in Singapore, Vicky Skipp heads LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions business in Asia Pacific and Japan. In this role, Vicky leads the charge to transform the way sales professionals drive success through the adoption of social selling.

Prior to this, she led the Sales Solutions team for Southeast Asia at LinkedIn, where she built the team and founded LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions business in the region, helping to elevate the sales profession by connecting them with the relationships and insights that matter to them most. Vicky is instrumental in helping clients challenge traditional sales routes via social selling. In recognition of the momentum she has developed, she was named “Leader of the Year,” LinkedIn’s top global leadership award for managers.

Before joining LinkedIn in November 2013, Vicky held leadership roles in Adobe, Netsuite and McAfee. Throughout her career, Vicky has worked in diverse markets such as Africa, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, and brings in-depth experience and understanding of businesses to her team and her clients.

Vicky is also passionate about causes such as women’s development in Asia Pacific, and is actively involved in various mentorship programs.