Timo Elliott

Global Innovation Evangelist at SAP

I’m an Innovation Evangelist for SAP, and I’m passionate about how the latest technologies can transform the way the world works. Please note that anything posted here represents my own personal opinions, and not necessarily those of my employer.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve presented to Business and IT audiences in over 58 different countries around the world, on themes such as Experience Management, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, the future of Digital Marketing, and the challenges of technology culture change in organizations.

In 2018 I did 57 presentations at 54 different events, to around 12,800 people, in 28 cities in 22 different countries (47% of the presentations were at non-SAP-organized events).My articles have appeared in online populations such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Guardian, ZDNet, and Digitalist Magazine.