As an analyst I've come to a lot of these over the last 20 years: it really does come down to the quality of the delegates, it's as simple as that. The networking is a critical part ' and that in itself is very different here, you just get good opportunities to talk to people in a relaxed environment, share some ideas, go away with an improved sense of understanding of what's going on in the industry. The structure that ADAPT has around its events gives that ability to get some really good content in amongst everything else.

Tim Dillon

Partner at TRA

Tim has been involved in business and technology research and analysis since 1991. From 2007 to late 2012 he held the role of IDC’s Associate Vice President Enterprise Mobility and End-User (Business) research, Asia Pacific. Prior to this he was Current Analysis’ Director of Global Telecoms Research and European and Asia Pacific Research Director.

For a period of time he also worked with one of Europe’s leading competitive intelligence research houses as research director with a personal focus on the telecoms and IT sectors.In July 2012 Tim founded Tech Research Asia, a boutique IT&T consulting firm specialising in working within the Enterprise Mobility, Future Workspace and Infrastructure spaces.