Steve Jacob

Associate Director, IT Operations at Western Sydney University

With 35 years of IT experience, Steve has spent the majority of his career in IT customer service, supporting internal and external clients in the delivery of a variety of services and leading his teams through the ever-changing landscape that is “ICT”.
Over 25 of those years were spent at Unisys Corporation and Sun Microsystems where he held national, regional and global technical and management roles. Steve’s ICT life started with complex chip-level diagnostic work and, traversed Tier 3 technical team management, establishment of a network management centre and then outsourcing governance, and now finds him in the higher-education sector where, as the Associate Director of IT Operations at Western Sydney University, he is thoroughly enjoying providing systems and services to a large user-base of students, staff and researchers.

Current areas of focus include an across-the-board “health & hygiene” initiative to improve essential cyber-security and delivery maturity, implementation of Application Performance Monitoring and Operational Intelligence platforms and planning for the next phase of the university’s cloud adoption programme.