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Stefan Hajkowicz

Senior Principal Scientist, Strategic Foresight DATA61 | CSIRO & Director at Data61 Insight Team

Stefan is a principal scientist at CSIRO based in Brisbane who spends his time thinking about how people make choices and plan for an uncertain future. He leads CSIRO Futures which is a team of researchers, analysts and consultants working on strategy and foresight projects to help government and industry organisations adapt to a rapidly changing world. Stefan has a doctorate in geography from the University of Queensland and postgraduate qualifications in economics from the University of New England. He is widely published in the international scientific research literature. He is also an active communicator and his material on global megatrends features on TedX and he routinely delivers keynote talks at major events. He is currently writing a book titled “moments of freefall” which examines how global trends signal critical moments of rapid social, economic and environmental change with profound impacts on how people live.