Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly change the way that you undertake your role as a CFO. It can impact the core characteristics that you need to do your job well. One of them is data integrity. You need to be able to trust the numbers in order to make good decisions

Sophie Gilder

Head of Blockchain Centre of Expertise at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

I am responsible for Experimentation and Commercialisation in the Innovation Lab, where we test new ideas and emerging technologies in order to drive commercial outcomes. We believe experimentation fuels innovation. We aim to uncover insights and knowledge to create customer value. We have a portfolio of blockchain and embodied AI (social robotics) projects underway, where we use customer centric design and an agile approach to experiment, incubate and commercialise technology-driven solutions. My international investment banking experience includes advising, originating and executing capital raising transactions driven by client’s core funding needs, acquisitions or new business initiatives across a broad product set including vanilla debt capital markets products, securitisation and structured finance transactions, and a range of domestic and international markets. I have a demonstrated capability for identification and execution of new business opportunities, managing high performance teams, taking a collaborative approach and balancing the needs of diverse stakeholders to deliver the optimal outcome.