A lot of the concepts I talk about are based on empowering people to make the change that they want to see."

Simon Waller

Digital Champion, Author and Advisor

Simon fervently believes that as a society we have the opportunity to do things better – whether it’s through the commercial practices of organisations or personal actions of individuals. Motivated by the importance of personal responsibility, Simon left his position in scenario planning at Rio Tinto to explore how organisations could use emerging technologies and new ways of working to drive improvements in both the way we work and the way we live.

Simon’s natural ability in teaching and authentic and affable nature encourages others to positively question the world and why we do the things we do. Simon has extensive experience in both managing projects as well as and coaching and mentoring for performance improvement.

During his time at Rio Tinto Simon provided business improvement support to a tyre retread facility that serviced Rio Tinto iron ore and bauxite haul truck fleet before moving into Rio Tinto’s scenario planning and strategy team. Simon has also previously worked as a sustainability consultant where his work focused on developing holistic approaches to behavioural change. Simon holds a Master of Business Leadership and post graduate qualifications in futures thinking.

Since leaving corporate life Simon has focused his efforts on helping organisations identify ways technology can drive operational improvements. Initially he did this working as an external consultant and more recently as the founder of the Digital Champions Club, a digital transformation program for SMEs that trains internal agents of change. Along the way Simon has also written two books Analogosaurus: Avoiding Extinction in a World of Digital Business and The Digital Champion: Connecting the Dots Between People, Work and Technology.

Simon is also an in demand conference speaker having spoken to audiences both across Australia and overseas