Thanksgiving is coming up and on that day you want to be butcher not turkey, the more you're on the left, the more you're a turkey. You're the turkey if the demographic changes, increased literacy on the street, new business models, or technological changes gobble up your revenue

Professor Michael Rosemann

Executive Director Corporate Engagement Division at University of Queensland

Professor in Innovation Systems, School of Management, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. Seconded in 2016 to QUT’s REAL Difference project leading the Decision Making & Implementation stream. I developed a rapid process redesign capability (the NESTT) allowing the accelerated design and implementation of process transformations in organizations. My research interest are corporate innovation systems, revenue resilience and the affordances of disruptive technologies. My work is focused on creating exciting future worlds with today’s possibilities making current practices obsolete. I am the author/editor of seven books, more than 250 refereed papers, Editorial Board member of ten international journals and co-inventor of two US patents. My publications have been translated into German, Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin. My PhD students have won the Australian award for the best PhD thesis in Information Systems in 2007, 2008 and 2010. I conduct global keynote presentations and my projects received funding from partners such as Accenture, Australia Post, Bank of Queensland, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Infosys, Rio Tinto, Queensland Government, SAP, Suncorp, Water Corporation and Woolworths. I established the Woolworths Chair for Retail Innovation, the Brisbane Airport Corporation Chair in Airport Innovation and the PwC Chair in Digital Economy within QUT’s Information Systems School.