Professor Aleksandar Subic

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (STEM College) & Vice President Digital Innovation at RMIT University

Professor Aleksandar Subic is the Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice President at RMIT University responsible for leading the STEM College and Digital Innovation in Australia and globally across aligned academic and research areas.

As RMIT’s first Vice-President of Digital Innovation, Professor Subic is responsible for leading value creation through innovation at RMIT in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders through digital innovation.

Professor Subic is the Co-Chair of National Digital Transformation Expert Panel, and is currently leading the national network of Industry 4.0 Testlabs and the committee for future of work, education and training under the auspices of Australian Industry Group (AiG). Concurrent with his academic appointments. Professor Subic held notable appointments on Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce among others.

He has been responsible for leading a number of national and international strategic initiatives and programs in partnership with industry, global enterprises and government agencies, especially in areas of digital transformation and innovation in education, research, industry and society.