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The only true digital companies are the ones with comprehensive testing regimes that enable the organisation to update their business systems on, at least, a weekly basis."

Peter Hind

Senior Analyst at ADAPT

The sole interest Peter Hind has, after nearly 40 years in information technology, is its potential to transform the way organisations operate, the change management obstacles CIOs encounter in realising this potential and the tactics and techniques CIOs have deployed to overcome these difficulties. Peter Hind has spent the last 25 years as an analyst and commentator on the ICT industry. Formerly IDC, where he led the INTEP program, Peter’s forte is running management forums for ICT executives.

Peter will now take on multiple roles within ADAPT, including the structuring of our delegate surveys, interrogation and analysis of ADAPT’s trove of end-user and C-level data, moderation of private events and roundtables, public speaking on behalf of ADAPT, as well as MC for our national Edge Experiences.

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