I like these events because it's an opportunity to hear what my peers are saying and what they're doing in different areas and it's good to see what other people's challenges are, what their responses are. I really like these 1-1 meetings because the way that people prepare for them is tailored for your issues - and there are very, very constructive conversations in those meetings, so I actually like these. I learn from them, they learn from me - there's no sales push in there at all, it's about understanding each other's issues and that's what we should be trying to do as a prerequisite to any business.
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Peter Grant

Technology Industry Thought-leader; Held Multiple Government CIO Roles

Peter has had roles as Chief Information Officer for the State of Queensland, Chief Information Officer for Queensland Health, Vice President of Consulting for Gartner (ACT and Queensland)and Queensland State Director for Microsoft. He chairs numerous advisory boards and has spent many years reporting directly to ministers and heads of large government agencies. As Queensland Government CIO, Peter delivered the first ever whole of government ICT Audit, which included an extensive stocktake of all ICT hosting arrangements assets and strategic platforms. The outcome of the audit was the identification of recurrent savings of over $200M p.a.