Now, that is the most important thing that a senior executive could do today. They need to understand where their organization stands relative to a software company.” Paul Shetler, Co-Founder & Partner of AccelerateHQ

Paul Shetler

Partner at AccelerateHQ (Former CEO DTA + CDO Australian Govt)

I’m a technologist and entrepreneur with two decades experience working in financial services and digital, 17 years of which involve senior and board-level management for private sector and supranational organisations.

In the past 20 years I have managed and delivered some of the world’s largest IT integration programmes/organisational change programmes; productised new technologies we used to help solve the huge challenges we faced doing so; been the first in the banks and software firms I have worked in to implement or specify and develop technologies and architectures which were later adopted wholesale across financial services and everyday life, such as SOA, message brokering, cloud. I have also built world-class international organisations within very large global technology firms to define, implement, sell and market products and services based on networks, mobile technologies and very large-scale systems integration and modernisation.

I’ve lived and worked in New York City, Rome, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and London and done the weekly commute to work from the East Coast of the US to San Jose. Currently I’m in Sydney, where I’ve been since Summer of 2015.