Nick Curcuru

Former VP Enterprise Information Management at Mastercard

Over 20 years of leading large scale complex, advanced, strategic corporate initiatives across the world for such companies as The Walt Disney Company, Capital One, The Home Depot, Burlington Northern Railroad, Merrill Lynch and The General Electric Company.

Show companies how to drive strategic decisions through the use of data and analytics.

Act as global business architect and strategist for many of the top global hospitality, entertainment, media, transportation, retail, financial services, consumer products, energy, and manufacturing companies.

Develop global programs that uncover opportunities to increase revenue and grow profit margins that companies had never considered.

Provide clients a better understanding of their markets and customers while determining the right product mix and pricing strategies to offer

Design big data and cyber security strategies across organizations that address both business unit needs and organizational objectives. Build and explain roadmaps that connect IT, corporate business units outside of IT, C-suite, and the Board of Directors so that all stakeholders are fluent in issues impacting their data and cyber security needs and the solutions to address those needs.