It can be fun and tempting to just be the 'ideas guy or girl" however nothing happens without moving the ball up the court

Nalin Dennison

Manager - Advisory Services

Having lived and worked in multiple regions, Nalin’s multi-cultural upbringing has allowed him to collaborate seamlessly across cross-functional teams.

His diverse career experiences at the early stage (from tennis coach to street sales to dance instructor to executive assistant) coupled with ongoing self-awareness has solidified his passion for working with executives and assisting them solve their most pressing challenges.

At ADAPT, Nalin continues his demonstrated track record of running successful advisory projects across the C-suite in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Having worked across multiple sectors in the ASX-200, recently also given the responsibility of working with technology executives in government, Nalin is focussed on bringing some of the well-regarded best practices in corporate to address systemic government challenges.

Off-court, Nalin is passionate about working on his continued university project – “finding ways to address to social, cultural and community issues through togetherness”. Which builds on his work at Monash Uni’ breaking barriers between international, local and multi-cultural students via healthy activities such as dance classes.