Marissa Aliferis

Sustainability Lead and JAPAC Market Maker at Oracle

Marissa joined Oracle in late 2021 as a Sustainability Lead and Market Maker for Oracle’s JAPAC region.

In these roles, Marissa is responsible for understanding what’s top of mind for business and people’s leaders across the region and bringing the very best of Oracle’s global ecosystem to address those concerns.

Prior to joining Oracle, Marissa spent more than 20 years leading global & local brands through complex business, cultural and digital transformation. In that time, Marissa discovered the hallmarks of successful change can be found in the intersection of purpose, people, profit, and planet.

The importance of creating this intersection has never been more important as we’ve collectively navigated the unprecedented changes brought about by natural disasters, social movements, geopolitical unrest, the pandemic and a recalibrated relationship between work, workers and workplaces.

In this volatile world, and against the backdrop of growing demands for government and business to deliver triple-line benefits, Marissa is working with business leaders to define new products, services and ways of working which positively impact clients, colleagues, communities and the planet.