My Mexican Grandmother used to tell me "Tequila solves everything". If you have a flu or a headache, have a tequila shot; if you are sad or stressed, getting fat or anxious, have a tequila shot. If you are heartbroken, shy or you don’t know how to dance, have a tequila shot. So, in case of a cyberattack, THE FIRST ROUND IS ON ME!

Marco Romero

Marketing Data & Insights Analyst

Marco is a determined young marketer who drives ADAPT’s growth using the power of data to make the best decisions in an agile world. He highly believes that any Executive decision & strategy should be based on ONE thing only: DATA. Also, he is a passioned & has a good flair for statistics and numbers. He is competent at analysing complex reports, summarising and translating them into insights and tangible recommendations.

As a Campaign Marketing Manager, Marco’s mission at ADAPT is to tell stories from the data, to be able to find the best strategy for the business in planning, organising, leading & controlling; always with an “out of the box” way of thinking.

Give him a bunch of numbers and the sky is the limit!