There are no technology initiatives, just digital ways of driving organisational outcomes.”

Lou Markstrom

Author, Unleashing The Power of IT: Bringing People, Business and Technology Together

Over the past 30 years, Lou has worked with over 40,000 individuals in a wide variety of companies, organisations and industries to improve results, transform cultures and drive outcomes. As the CEO of Results Group International, he is one of the APAC regions leading authorities in supporting organisations IT and Digital Transformations. Lou is co-author of “Unleashing The Power of IT: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together” (Wiley, CIO Series). He has authored over 50 published articles, is a regular contributor to CIO magazine, a keynote speaker at numerous CIO summits and is featured in the video series CIO Insights. He is currently working with CEO’s, CIO’s, HR Leaders, IT leaders, and executives to transform their cultures and development the talent in their organisations.