Lisa Asquith

Director, Technology Services, NSW Department of Customer Service

Lisa Asquith is a collaborative leader and experienced professional, highly effective on complex technical problems at scale, with a demonstrated track record of delivering successful reform for the NSW Government Technology Platforms, Digital.NSW within the Department of Customer Service.

Today she is operationally responsible for critical NSW Government Infrastructure, and the diverse wonderful people that operate and deliver for the NSW Government. Her passion for delivering and, thriving in a customer-focused, critical, and challenging environment drives her to deliver better Customer outcomes.

Known for working strategically and operationally with her Executive and Team, they are delivering innovation, managing risks, issues, and conflict as part of her business day-to-day. Her motto is to employ process and good governance to mitigate and manage critical competing workloads. Lisa enjoys working at DCS because of its excellent culture and support for its people to achieve their best. Also, for its inclusivity and an exemplar for customer delivery.