Leon Sayers

Regional Consulting Lead APAC at Unisys

I am the APAC Regional Lead Management Consultant at Unisys. I specialise in Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, Workspace, ITSM, Data Management and Automation.

I leverage my strengths and experience gathered over more than 20 years in ICT. My particular area of focus is helping organisations in their transformation journey, by turning strategy into reality.

As the Lead Management Consultant in the development of Digital Transformation projects, I have developed deep, first-hand insight into how organisations can leverage technology to achieve improved efficiencies, employee cultural change, enhanced productivity and performance.

I have a passion for taking an organisational change management approach that spans people, processes and technology. I understands that a person’s age, knowledge and experience can influence how they consume information and respond to different training models.

I have delivered and worked on large scale transformation projects in APAC, USA, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and South America.

My previous roles cover Government, Finance, Service Providers and Enterprise. I have broad ICT experience ranging from CEO, CTO, CIO, IT Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Engineer and this experience gives me the ability to have an end-to-end view of problems and solutions from both a technical and business perspective.

I have engaged in projects with companies such as Microsoft, RackSpace, NSW Government, VicRoads, and Singtel.

Prior to joining the Unisys team, I ran my own consultancy practice for 13 years with clients across a number of major systems integrators, service providers and vendors. I was a trainer in a wide range of technologies, helping to shape my thinking around the need for an organisational change management approach to rolling out digital transformation