Kerrie-Anne Turner

Head of Commercial Business & Channels at VMware Australia & New Zealand

Working in the dynamic information technology sector over the past two decades, I have built a comprehensive business development and management skill set in cutting-edge markets with leading software companies. This expertise assists enterprises solve problems using innovative technologies and has resulted in my leadership success in Australia, Asia Pacific and internationally. Hand in hand with my proven abilities as a change and growth agent is my role as a client advocate.

I am a visionary thinker with organisational agility and a keen sense for problem solving that is underpinned by exceptional sales and strategic skills and strong business qualifications. By pinpointing business requirements and identifying where deficiencies and opportunities lie, I enhance the competitiveness, increase revenues and improve the service offerings of the organisations I lead.

I have a recognised track record of securing profitability irrespective of operational landscapes and at all stages of the business lifecycle: acquisitions, emerging ventures, international expansions, M&A and turn-around scenarios.