Justin Decker

VP, Platforms and Infrastructure at DreamWorks Animation

Successful Information Technology executive with 15 years of experience in senior leadership positions and a proven track record set in software and large, high-transaction web companies. Hands-on, “in-the-weeds” experience in Software Engineering, Release Management, SQA _and_ Infrastructure/Technical Operations teams with a special focus on delivery. Other areas of success and specialty include cost control, technical strategy design and implementation follow-through for B2C, B2B and corporate production platforms (and platform portability). Known as an Agile expert through custom tailoring and methodological continuous improvement as needed by each organization. Essentially, I handle software delivery from soup to nuts and am considered unique due to the depth and breadth of my knowledge in most areas of production facing development, technical operations, and platform/application reliability.

Over the past 5 years, I have served at DreamWorks Animation building teams, processes and methodologies to move our studio to modern delivery lifecycles, cloud infrastructure via PaaS implementation and micro-services based architectures to create a next-generation platform for complex CG authoring software (animation, lighting, media and render management). We start with but customize recognized best practices to create repeatable, efficient, cross-functional processes to support effective software development, accurate roadmap planning and on-time execution both immediate requirements and multi-year initiatives.