Justin Cameron

Staff Product Security Engineer at Zendesk

Justin leads company-wide initiatives to secure Zendesk’s products throughout their lifecycle, from the design stage to EOL. Most recently he has led the introduction of Snyk to manage risks related to supply-chain security threats, one of the organisation’s top 5 security priorities. A novel system to track vulnerability SLAs in order to automate compliance and drive remediation was developed as part of the project. Justin is also leading internal efforts to introduce a lightweight threat modelling program that integrates into Zendesk’s global software development lifecycle.

Prior to joining Zendesk Justin was based in San Francisco where he worked for Instaclustr, an Australian company that provides SaaS solutions and specialist expertise for the big data technologies that underpin the world’s largest tech companies: Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and Elasticsearch.

Justin has over 10 years experience in infosec and software engineering, and has provided technical consulting services for numerous organisations in government, tech, financial and telecommunications sectors.