Successful delivery is about encouraging people to buy-in rather than bow-out of the journey ahead. It's about arming them with the skills they need to get there themselves."

Julia Steel

Influence & Stakeholder Buy-in Expert, Author, Advisor

Julia Steel has led significant technology transformation and business change for over two decades, turning great strategies into reality and delivering benefits to organisations around the world.

Now, as an executive coach, advisor, author, and facilitator, she works with leaders and their teams to get the buy-in they need to succeed.

Whether you are struggling with traction, are being challenged to do more with less, or need to win support for your strategy, ideas, and business goals, Julia is passionate about delivering your big ideas, better!

Julia is the author of “Buy-in: How to Lead Change, Build Commitment and Inspire People,” is an alumna of Stanford University’s Executive LEAD program and has long recognised that getting buy-in from the right people, at the right time, is crucial to your success.