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Joao Almeida

DCG CTO at Lenovo

As CTO for Lenovo Data Centre Group in Australia and New Zealand Joao is responsible for the technical outlook and strategic position of DCG in this fast ever changing technology world, and leads the Lenovo ANZ High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence practice.

Working with many of the largest customers across Australia and New Zealand more recently, but also with an extensive background working with European customers, has allowed Joao to gain extensive insight and experience with customer challenges and technology solutions. Amongst other achievements, Joao has designed the most efficient Supercomputer in ANZ.

Located at the University of Adelaide, it is ranked number 17th by the list of June 2016. This solution is currently used to help with Artificial Intelligence advances and general research by the University of Adelaide. Joao was awarded the Technical Excellence Award by Reseller News ICT Industry Awards 2017 in Auckland. Joao is a highly motivated, results driven technical leader.

He joined Lenovo in 2014 with the Lenovo acquisition of the IBM System X business and bought with him a wealth of experience in not only Technical Sales, Solutions Architecture but also Sales. Joao is highly skilled in High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Software-defined datacentre technologies, Big Data, High Performance Data Analytics and Blockchain technologies.