Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO, IBM

As the CTO for IBM Cloud Platform, Jason is responsible for setting the technical strategy for the entire Platform-as-a-Service portfolio in IBM Cloud.

This includes strategy around container, Kubernetes, OpenShift, serverless, operational tools, DevOps, security, and automation for IBM Cloud. Jason drove the adoption of Kubernetes as the core of IBM’s Cloud strategy and has been an industry leader in both the container and cloud native open source since 2014.

As the platform CTO, Jason is also one of a handful of leaders running the overall IBM Cloud technical strategy across all layers of cloud. Jason also owns the products for the core platform services that make up IBM Cloud including: Kubernetes (IKS) and OpenShift Services, Cloud Functions, Cloud Foundry, Logging, Monitoring, Schematics, Service Mesh, and related services. In this role Jason’s team builds and operates these services on IBM Cloud and owns the business results. Finally, Jason leads IBMs strategy for delivering multi-cloud capacities as-a-service from IBM Cloud.