The first thing you need to do is get rid of the idea that it's about making individuals successful. It’s not about the lone wolf. You need to start focusing on teams as the unit of success"

Ian Hill

GM Strategy and Agility at Commonwealth Bank

On behalf of CBA’s IT and Operations group (Enterprise Services), I run four teams: Strategy, Agility, Emerging Technology Innovation and Digital Lean. I’m an executive who has spent much of the last 15 years leading startup style innovation at enterprise scale.

I use numerous techniques to drive innovation:

I use advanced analytics and machine learning to identify new areas of opportunity

I’ve long practiced human centred design as a means of identifying unmet customer needs and for generating new solutions.

I have my teams use Lean Startup techniques and rapid prototyping to iterate and validate solutions with real users and customers. –

I use Agile and Scrum to drive on-time delivery of high-quality solutions. Over my career I’ve been a member of, designed or led 8 innovation or transformation functions for the world’s largest tech and financial institutions including for companies like Microsoft, Visa and Intel. My experience also includes leadership of multiple million and billion dollar turnarounds, work transforming emerging market captives and development of services in cloud, big data and social.