In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king."

Graeme Philipson

Editorial Director at ADAPT

Graeme Philipson (universally known as ‘GP’) brings decades of experience in IT market analysis and IT journalism to ADAPT. His primary responsibilities include the design and analysis of surveys, the writing of reports, and the management of the research process. He is passionate about the intersection of literacy and numeracy. “You need both to build quality analysis,” he says. “This is the best way to learn about the industry. You learn more from what the users of the technology are saying and doing than from any other source.” GP pioneered CIO surveys in Australia in the 1980s, building his company Strategic Research into a powerhouse of data analysis before it was acquired by Gartner. The MIS database, which he conceived and built, listed the hardware and software installed in every IT department in Asia Pacific. He has launched or edited more than a dozen technology magazines. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world, including many keynotes. He is a recipient of the Kester Award for lifetime contributions to Australia IT journalism. GP is Australia’s foremost IT industry historian, and author of ‘A Vision Splendid: The History of Australian Computing’, the only authoritative work on the subject. He has also written a major travel book (‘The Top 100 Countries and Why You Should Visit Them’) and published a book of original poems.