How often do we say that we experience Joy at work?

Why is Joy something we experience when we travel, with family and friends, anywhere else but where we work?"

Emma Mehaffey

Founder, Emjoy and Former GM, Culture & Employee Experience, Virgin Australia Group

I am Emma, Founder of Emjoy. Emjoy is about stripping away the big words, the fancy diagrams and standard frameworks. It’s about real human leadership. It’s about remembering what it’s like to be an employee at all stages and what that means to people. It’s about giving people a reason to get up every morning. Giving them something to believe in. It’s simple, its inspirational, it’s the future and it delivers joy in spades.

And what do I know about Culture and Experience? I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career at the global leader in creating epic Cultures, the Virgin brand, Virgin Australia. I began my career in early days of Virgin Blue and experienced the unique challenge that comes with aviation. My last role as the General Manager of Culture and Employee Experience gave me the opportunity to lead a 9,500 employee base. From hiring the best of the best, to having to let go thousands of employees during COVID that loved what they did. It was a role that encompassed the breadth of human emotion.

Throughout the most challenging year globally, I made a push to implement Workplace by Facebook to all employees. In a time of extreme stress, anxiety and sadness the roll out of this tool transformed the way we approached our people and allowed us to do something extraordinary. Proving that communicating with your people as real, raw humans will always triumph.