You kind of just want to talk in stories and analogies and things that everyone understands, in a way that makes sense to the business.”

Ellie Warner

Global Head, Training and Awareness - Trust, Data and Resilience at Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)

Ellie has led the Bank’s Information and Cyber Security Training, Awareness and Exercises agenda since January 2015, with Data and Privacy, Resilience and Third Party being added to her remit in November 2019. She also leads the Bank’s global Information and Cyber Security (ICS) Skills Accreditation programme to ensure the Bank’s cybersecurity workforce has clear learning pathways to upskill and cross skill, as well as to attract other Bank employees interested in a career in ICS.

Her team’s mission is to foster a robust Security Culture. Specifically, to ensure all Bank employees, from Board to branch, are aware of ICS risks and their role in protecting the Bank and customers’ wealth from existing and emerging security threats. Her team does this through the design and deployment of awareness frameworks and learning interventions, with an increased focus on role-based training and an adaptive learning culture. Born in the UK, Ellie has worked in technology for 25 years, living and working in the Middle East, Europe and Asia since 1995 with Sun Microsystems, HP and EMC, in sales, partner, analyst, marketing and communications roles. She joined SCB in 2015 as Global Head, Policy and Awareness – Information and Cyber Security.

An advocate of ensuring women have an equal voice at the table, both professionally and personally, Ellie is actively involved in Lean In Singapore, founding Lean In at the Bank in 2018. As of August 2020, 59 Circles have been established in multiple countries empowering hundreds of female Bank employees to achieve their full ambition. She speaks regularly at conferences and panels on cybersecurity and women in technology.