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David Dalton

Head of Business Development at Forticode

David’s career over the past 20 years has been centred around Technology Risk, the risk associated with the use of technology in business and personal life. This experience has been from two main perspectives, being the identification and prevention of risks associated with the use of technology, and the investigation of incidents where technology has been used in a nefarious and potentially criminal manner.

David is in the unique position of having been both part of the process of designing and testing the systems and processes intended to protect information assets and the investigation and identification of how such systems can and have been bypassed or exploited for personal or financial gain.

David was a consultant with Deloitte for 10 years, specialising initially in Information Security, and primarily network and web application penetration testing. When the opportunity arose, David changed disciplines and became one of the first members of the computer forensic investigations team in Deloitte Australia. David’s experience in this team included being given the opportunity to transfer to the largest Forensic Technology practice in Deloitte Europe, based out of London. In this role, David was involved with some of the largest global fraud and corruption investigations in history in conjunction with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.

In taking a role with Revolution IT in Melbourne, David made a career change into business development, focussing on functional, performance and security testing of large software development and implementation projects. David was promoted into the role of General Manager where he contributed to and oversaw all Sales and Delivery for the Victorian and South Australian offices of Revolution IT, playing a significant role in the engagement with key technology partners such as HP Software, SAP and CA Technologies.