To take advantage of the available business models, companies need to look at all the information sources that they can get a hold of and then use that insight and play it out in a couple of scenarios. This way they can explore how market trends will affect the current business, and find other possible revenue opportunities"

Darren Busine

Acting CEO at CS Energy

Darren Busine has more than 25 years’ experience in senior finance roles in the energy and banking sectors. As Executive General Manager Revenue Strategy, Darren’s role is to align CS Energy’s long-term growth strategy with the business’ shorter-term market trading function.

In addition to driving CS Energy’s revenue strategy, Darren is also responsible for the dispatch of the company’s generation portfolio in the NEM, wholesale and retail electricity market contracting strategies, energy market analysis and regulation. Darren joined CS Energy in May 2016, serving as Chief Financial Officer for 12 months before being appointed to the Executive General Manager Revenue Strategy role in July 2017.